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Law Journal. Vol. 79, 2022

Characteristics of the Japanese legislative process and its implications for our legal system
일본의 입법과정의 특징과 우리 법제에 대한 시사점
Law J. 2022;79:1-36.
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A constitutional prospect on the relationship between a citizen and a nation
시민과 국민의 관계에 대한 헌법적 전망
Law J. 2022;79:37-65.
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The Legal Control System over Pseudonymous Data
가명정보에 관한 법적 통제
Law J. 2022;79:67-99.
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Relationship between Inherited Trust and Forced Heirship
상속형 신탁과 유류분의 관계
Law J. 2022;79:101-139.
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Some issues in medical practice and clinical trials due to COVID-19 pandemic from a viewpoint of criminal law
COVID–19 유행병으로 야기된 의료행위·임상시험에서 몇 가지 형사법적 쟁점
Law J. 2022;79:141-183.
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Out-of-Pocket Maximum System and Indemnity Medical Insurance
본인부담상한제와 실손의료보험
Law J. 2022;79:185-215.
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