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International Obligations Undertaken by the Republic of Korea with Regards to Mass Migration Events
Law J. 2021;75:291-322.
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Legal Issues surrounding the Existence of the Death Penalty
사형제도의 존폐를 둘러싼 법적 쟁점
Law J. 2022;78:35-58.
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An Interdisciplinary Approach to Ahn Jung-geun's Sniper Act
안중근 의사의 저격 행위에 대한 학제적 평가
Law J. 2021;74:107-137.
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A Study on the Major Changes in the Incoterms® 2020
인코텀즈 2020 (Incoterms® 2020) 주요 개정 내용과 시사점
Law J. 2019;67:259-287.
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The Right of Pledge for Mortgage Claim
Law J. 2020;68:175-202.
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A Study on the Invalidation of Real Estate Auctions
부동산 경매의 무효에 관한 연구
Law J. 2022;76:101-125.
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Whether the attorney's fee paid by a third party is included in the litigation cost
제3자가 지급하는 변호사보수의 소송비용 산입여부
Law J. 2021;73:305-329.
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A Study on the Financial Soundness Regulations of Insurance Companies and introduction of IFRS 17
IFRS 17의 도입과 보험회사 재무건전성 규제에 관한 연구
Law J. 2022;76:151-177.
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Legal Analysis of COVID-19 Disclosure
코로나19 동선공개에 대한 법적 고찰
Law J. 2020;70:103-131.
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A study on the expansion of the possibility of independent revocation of counted approval and permission
의제된 인허가의 독자적 취소가능성의 확대에 관한 연구
Law J. 2021;74:199-228.
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A Study on Current Developments and Suggestions of Animal Law in the US
미국 동물법 발전현황과 시사점- 미국 개물림법(Dog Bite Law)을 중심으로 -
Law J. 2019;65:283-307.
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Improvement of legal terms
법률 용어의 개선
Law J. 2021;73:25-65.
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Constitutional review of foreign migrant workers' rights
외국인 이주노동자의 권리보장에 대한 헌법적 검토
Law J. 2020;69:1-31.
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The Validity of Business Property Transfer without the Consent of Shareholders’ Meeting and the Application of the Good Faith Rule - Supreme Court Decision 2017Da288757 Decided April 26, 2018-
주주총회 동의 없는 영업용재산(자회사 주식) 양도의 효력과 신의칙의 적용 -대법원 2018. 4. 26. 선고 2017다288757 판결-
Law J. 2018;63:373-397.
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Human Rights Law Approach to the Concept of Benevolence
인(仁)의 개념에 대한 인권법적 접근
Law J. 2022;77:1-24.
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A Study on the Review and Implication of the Defend Trade Secrets Act of United States
미국 영업비밀보호법(DTSA)의 주요내용 검토 및 시사점
Law J. 2020;70:305-335.
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Adjusting the Scope of the Seizure Prohibition under the Individual Acts in the Civil Execution Procedure
민사집행절차상 특별법에 의한 압류금지의 범위와 조정 가능성
Law J. 2021;73:243-272.
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A Case Study on Title Trust
명의신탁에 관한 판례의 고찰
Law J. 2020;69:199-232.
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The scope of application of the party suit over legal relations under public law
공법상 당사자소송의 적용범위
Law J. 2020;70:65-102.
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Out-of-Pocket Maximum System and Indemnity Medical Insurance
본인부담상한제와 실손의료보험
Law J. 2022;79:185-215.
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