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Law Journal. Vol. 67, 2019

Suffrage of foreigners in Germany
독일에서의 외국인 선거권 인정논의
Law J. 2019;67:1-30.
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What is a Constitutional State (Verfassungsstaat)
헌법국가란 무엇인가
Law J. 2019;67:31-73.
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A study of the relationship between Archive disclosure 30 years after it’s creation and official information disclosure
비공개상한제도 도입에 수반한 정보공개제도상 검토과제
Law J. 2019;67:75-97.
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The U.S Supreme Court’s case regarding to the status of Administrative Law Judges : Lucia v. SEC
행정법판사의 지위에 관한 미국 연방대법원의 최근 판결례
Law J. 2019;67:99-120.
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A Study on the commencement of a retrial decision based on the Public Servant's Job crime
공무원의 직무범죄에 근거한 재심개시결정에 대한 연구
Law J. 2019;67:121-142.
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The study of the infringement and the legal protection of Trade Secret in China
중국의 영업비밀 침해현황과 법적보호
Law J. 2019;67:143-167.
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Proposal for the Reform of the Secured Transactions
동산 · 채권담보제도의 개선 방안에 관한 연구
Law J. 2019;67:169-193.
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An Idea on the Presumption of Legitimacy in Korea
민법상 친생추정 제도에 관한 일고
Law J. 2019;67:195-223.
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The Legal System in Personal Data and the Civil Liability in Japan
일본의 개인정보 법제 및 개인정보 침해사건에서의 민사책임
Law J. 2019;67:225-257.
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A Study on the Major Changes in the Incoterms® 2020
인코텀즈 2020 (Incoterms® 2020) 주요 개정 내용과 시사점
Law J. 2019;67:259-287.
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A Study on Legal Status of Players Smart Agent
선수 스마트에이전트의 법적 지위에 관한 연구
Law J. 2019;67:289-309.
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사이버 안보법
Proposal of Enhancing National Cybersecurity Legal Framework: Focusing on Case Study of Australia Cybersecurity
사이버안보 법제도 개선 방안의 제언: 호주의 사례를 중심으로
Law J. 2019;67:311-340.
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A Study on Expansion of Support Target in the Social Agriculture Promotion Bill to Vitalize Social Agriculture
사회적 농업 활성화를 위한 「사회적 농업 육성법안」의 지원 대상 범위 확대방안 고찰
Law J. 2019;67:341-369.
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