List of Articles

Law Journal. Vol. 75, 2021

Possibility of Translation of the European Union System in the Process of Inter-Korean Unification
남북통일과정에서 유럽연합체제의 전용가능성
Law J. 2021;75:1-30.
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Legal Issues for Using Big Data in Health care
의료분야에서 빅데이터 활용에 따른 법적 과제
Law J. 2021;75:31-51.
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Legal Guarantee for the Right to Decision-making and Control of Personal Information and the Use of Personal Information
정보주체의 개인정보자기결정권 보장과 개인정보의 활용
Law J. 2021;75:53-92.
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The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling related to Congress’s power to investigate
연방의회의 국정조사권의 한계에 관한 미국 연방대법원 최근 판결례
Law J. 2021;75:93-114.
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Substantive Changes in the Shadow Docket of the U.S. Supreme Court
Law J. 2021;75:115-136.
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‘New Administrative Law’ and Fundamental Rights Doctrine
‘신행정법학’과 기본권 도그마틱
Law J. 2021;75:137-167.
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The Process of Revising the Japanese 「Consumer Contract Law」 in 2018 and Its Implications
2018년 일본 「消費者契約法」의 개정 과정과 그 시사점
Law J. 2021;75:169-194.
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Reasons for ex officio investigation and ex officio judgment of the appeal trial
항소심의 직권조사사유와 직권심판사유
Law J. 2021;75:195-229.
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A Study on the Legal Status of Social Ventures
소셜벤처의 법적 지위에 관한 고찰
Law J. 2021;75:231-266.
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A Study of commercial transactions in the Metaverse
메타버스 공간에서 상거래행위에 대한 고찰
Law J. 2021;75:267-290.
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International Obligations Undertaken by the Republic of Korea with Regards to Mass Migration Events
Law J. 2021;75:291-322.
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