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Law Journal. Vol. 78, 2022

A Constitutional Study on Platform’s filtering obligation under the Telecommunications Business Act
플랫폼의 불법촬영물 유통방지의무에 대한 헌법적 연구
Law J. 2022;78:1-34.
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Legal Issues surrounding the Existence of the Death Penalty
사형제도의 존폐를 둘러싼 법적 쟁점
Law J. 2022;78:35-58.
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Comprehensive real estate taxation on housing and Article 36 Paragraph 1 of the Constitution
주택에 대한 종합부동산세 과세와 헌법 제36조 제1항
Law J. 2022;78:59-86.
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Study on Fire Safety Standards of Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles
전기자동차용 충전시설의 소방안전기준에 관한 소고
Law J. 2022;78:87-113.
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The extinctive prescription of the lease deposit return claim
임대차보증금반환채권의 소멸시효
Law J. 2022;78:115-148.
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A Suggestion for the Improvement of Sexual Crime Regulations
성범죄 규정의 정비방안
Law J. 2022;78:149-173.
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Economic Analysis on Differentiation between Principal Liability and Accessory Liability under the International Criminal Law
국제형사법상 정범과 공범 구분에 대한 법경제학적 분석과 시사점
Law J. 2022;78:175-202.
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