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Law Journal. Vol. 66, 2019

Some considerations on the future of legal education and the training of next generation of legal scholars
학문후속세대 양성과 법학교육의 미래에 관한 몇 가지 단상
Law J. 2019;66:1-32.
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The Training System for Next Generation of Law Scholar
법학에서 학문 후속세대 양성을 위한 방안
Law J. 2019;66:33-58.
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Revitalization proposal for law education in crisis
말기법학의 연명장치 마련을 위한 제언
Law J. 2019;66:59-90.
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Financial constitutional references to the change in the constitutional financial equalization system with regard to the 2017-year constitutional amendment
기본법상 재정조정체계 변화에 대한 재정헌법적 시사점
Law J. 2019;66:91-130.
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Improvement Plans for the Human Rights Protection of Crime Victims in the Investigative Procedures
수사절차에 있어서 범죄피해자의 인권보호 개선방안
Law J. 2019;66:131-162.
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A study on presumption as the Husband's Child born within 300 days of the termination of marriage (the Article 844 section 2 of the Civil Act)
민법 제844조 제2항 혼인종료후 300일내 친생자 추정에 관한 소고
Law J. 2019;66:163-186.
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Constitutional Limits of Applying Public Opinion Survey on Candidate Selection within Political Parties
정당공천의 기준으로서 여론조사 활용의 헌법적 문제점
Law J. 2019;66:187-217.
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Determinant Factors for Procedure Rights Realization and Acceptance to Verdict at Civil Jury Trial
배심원재판에서의 절차권 보장과 평결에 대한 승복
Law J. 2019;66:219-248.
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The act of copyright law violations and recognition of illegality
저작권법위반행위와 위법성의 인식
Law J. 2019;66:249-271.
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A Critical Review on the Circumstantial Guarantee of Trustworthiness
특신상태에 대한 비판적 고찰
Law J. 2019;66:273-306.
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An empirical study on the correlativity between imprisonment and monetary penalty : an analysis of the first-trial sentencing for six main crimes
징역 기간과 벌금액의 상관성에 관한 경험적 연구 : 6개 범죄의 1심판결문 분석
Law J. 2019;66:307-323.
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A study on the conflict between filming for insurance fraud detection and privacy
보험사기 적발 목적의 영상촬영과 사생활보호의 충돌 문제
Law J. 2019;66:325-354.
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Reviewing Orphan Works Licensing
고아저작물 이용허락에 관한 검토
Law J. 2019;66:355-378.
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