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Law Journal. Vol. 74, 2021

Measures to prevent the collapse of regional hub universities under the law school system
로스쿨 제도 하에서 지방거점대학교의 몰락 방지를 위한 대책
Law J. 2021;74:1-29.
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Constitutional Justification of Gender Parity in the Parliament
남녀동수(Gender Parity) 의회구성의 헌법적 정당성
Law J. 2021;74:31-79.
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Legal study of strengthening health care publicness in the era of COVID-19
COVID-19 시대에 의료 공공성 강화의 법적 논의
Law J. 2021;74:81-106.
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An Interdisciplinary Approach to Ahn Jung-geun's Sniper Act
안중근 의사의 저격 행위에 대한 학제적 평가
Law J. 2021;74:107-137.
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Problems of the legal system related to rural development and improvement measures
농어촌 개발 관련 법제도의 문제점과 그 개선 방안
Law J. 2021;74:139-167.
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A Brief about Chevron Doctrine&Korean Netflex Order
넷플릭스 사건과 쉐브론 원칙 소고
Law J. 2021;74:169-198.
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A study on the expansion of the possibility of independent revocation of counted approval and permission
의제된 인허가의 독자적 취소가능성의 확대에 관한 연구
Law J. 2021;74:199-228.
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Security Over the Movable Assets in France - Focusing On the ‘Gage Des Stocks’ and ‘Nantissement Du Fonds de Commerce’ -
프랑스법상 재고질권 및 영업질권제도
Law J. 2021;74:229-267.
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Transitional Provisions for the Revision of Korean Civil Act
민법개정과 경과규정
Law J. 2021;74:269-297.
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A Study of the Regulation and Precedent about the Right to Life of a Human Embryo under the Viewpoint of Comparative Law
배아의 생명권에 관한 입법과 판례의 비교법적 검토
Law J. 2021;74:299-340.
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Change of Use of Building and Landlord's Obligations
건축물 용도 변경과 임대인의 의무
Law J. 2021;74:341-363.
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A Study on the electronic(audio or video) recording of custodial interrogation in Japan
일본의 피의자신문 영상녹화제도
Law J. 2021;74:365-387.
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Modern Competition Law of Exploitative Abuse in the Digital Economy from a Comparative Perspective
디지털 경제에서의 경쟁법 상 착취남용규제
Law J. 2021;74:389-420.
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A Study on the Listing Regulation and Issuance Disclosure System of China's Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market
중국 과창판 시장 주식등록제상의 상장규제 및 발행공시제도에 관한 연구
Law J. 2021;74:421-450.
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