List of Articles

Law Journal. Vol. 81, 2023

Legislative Facts: Implications for Adjudication on Constitutionality of Statutes
입법사실: 위헌법률심판에서의 함의
Law J. 2023;81:1-25.
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A plan to improve the legal system for maintenance and regeneration of rural and fishing villages in Korea
우리나라 농·어촌 정비 및 재생을 위한 법제도 개선방안
Law J. 2023;81:27-58.
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The legal principle of Conservation Easement to conserve private lands
사유지 보전을 위한 보전지역권 법리
Law J. 2023;81:59-90.
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Evaluation of cases related to customs inspection under the Customs Act and controlled delivery on narcotics
마약류에 대한 관세법상 통관검사 및 통제배달 관련 판례 평석
Law J. 2023;81:91-116.
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Discipline concerning the “Liability of Non-Performance of Obligations" under the revised Japanese Civil Code
일본 개정민법상 “채권의 효력: 채무불이행책임 등”에 관한 규율
Law J. 2023;81:117-177.
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The Applicable Law Determining Proper Parties in Civil Proceedings
민사소송절차에서 당사자적격을 결정하는 국가의 법
Law J. 2023;81:179-203.
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Procedural amendments to revitalize the Criminal Victim Compensation Order System
배상명령제도 활성화를 위한 절차 개정안
Law J. 2023;81:205-246.
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Criminal Retrial and Emergency Appeal
재심과 비상상고의 교차영역
Law J. 2023;81:247-268.
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Comparative Studies on Rape Trauma Syndrome Evidence in Criminal Court and Its Implications
Law J. 2023;81:269-294.
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WTO Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies : Analysis and Perspective
WTO 수산보조금협정의 주요내용과 시사점
Law J. 2023;81:295-323.
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The Definition of ‘Technical Regulations’ in the Jurisprudence of the WTO and Proposals for Korea
WTO 판례법상 ‘기술규정’의 정의와 우리나라에 주는 시사점
Law J. 2023;81:325-374.
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Merger regulation on dynamic markets
동태적 시장에서의 기업결합규제
Law J. 2023;81:375-407.
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Data Risk Management on EU AI Regulation
유럽 AI 법안에 있어 데이터 위험관리
Law J. 2023;81:409-440.
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