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Law Journal. Vol. 73, 2021

A Study on the Criminal Compensation System
형사보상제도에 대한 고찰
Law J. 2021;73:1-24.
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Improvement of legal terms
법률 용어의 개선
Law J. 2021;73:25-65.
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Implications of the Housing Rental Income Tax System in Major Countries
주요국 주택임대소득 과세제도의 시사점
Law J. 2021;73:75-105.
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The Guarantee of Property Rights and Freedom of Business in a Pandemic Situation
코로나 19시대의 영업의 자유와 재산권
Law J. 2021;73:107-142.
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Freedom of assembly during ‘Covid-19’ public health crisis
‘코로나19’ 공중보건위기와 헌법상 집회의 자유
Law J. 2021;73:143-174.
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A Study on the Loss of Nationality of a Naturalized Person
귀화자의 대한민국 국적 상실 가능성에 대한 소고
Law J. 2021;73:175-209.
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Constitutional limitations of information collection pursuant to Article 8-2 of Act on the Performance of Duties by Police Officers
경찰관직무집행법 제8조의2 제1항에 따른 위험예방을 위한 정보수집의 헌법적 한계
Law J. 2021;73:211-242.
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Adjusting the Scope of the Seizure Prohibition under the Individual Acts in the Civil Execution Procedure
민사집행절차상 특별법에 의한 압류금지의 범위와 조정 가능성
Law J. 2021;73:243-272.
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Eradication of Prohibition of Re-litigation
재소금지의 폐지
Law J. 2021;73:273-304.
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Whether the attorney's fee paid by a third party is included in the litigation cost
제3자가 지급하는 변호사보수의 소송비용 산입여부
Law J. 2021;73:305-329.
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The Standard of Judgment about Eviction Notice for Personal Use
임대인의 실제거주를 이유로 한 갱신거절의 정당성 판단기준
Law J. 2021;73:331-360.
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A Study on Legislation of Spouse's Residence Right in Korea under Japanese Civil Law
일본 민법상 배우자거주권의 국내 도입에 관한 연구
Law J. 2021;73:361-397.
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The Legal Nature of Police's Non Transfer Decision, Problems and Improvement Pan of The Control Methods about Police's Non Transfer Decision in The revised Criminal Procedure Law
개정 형사소송법상 경찰의 불송치결정의 법적 성격, 통제방법 및 통제방법의 문제점과 개선방안에 대한 고찰
Law J. 2021;73:399-425.
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A Critical Review of the ICC Appeals Chamber’s Acquittal Decision in the Bemba Case
국제형사재판소 항소심재판부의 Bemba 사건 무죄판결에 대한 비판적 분석
Law J. 2021;73:427-454.
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