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Law Journal. Vol. 69, 2020

Constitutional review of foreign migrant workers' rights
외국인 이주노동자의 권리보장에 대한 헌법적 검토
Law J. 2020;69:1-31.
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Problems and Improvements of the Basic Rights Restriction According to the Status of Public Officials
공무원 신분에 따른 기본권 제한의 문제점과 개선방안
Law J. 2020;69:33-61.
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Regulatory Frameworks for South Korea’s Offshore Caron Capture and Storage (CCS) Activities
한국 이산화탄소 포집 및 보관 활동을 위한 규제의 기초
Law J. 2020;69:63-115.
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Taiwan’s Taxpayer Right Protection Act Analyzed from the Basic Principle of Tax Law
조세법의 기본원칙 측면에서 분석한 대만의 납세자권리보호법
Law J. 2020;69:117-140.
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The Criminal Policy Direction for Expansion of Suspension of the Execution of the Fine
벌금 집행유예 확대를 위한 형사정책적 방향
Law J. 2020;69:141-173.
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Study on consent of participants in clinical trials
임상시험 참가 동의에 관한 연구
Law J. 2020;69:175-197.
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A Case Study on Title Trust
명의신탁에 관한 판례의 고찰
Law J. 2020;69:199-232.
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Amendment of the CPA Act and Adoption of Division and Merger after Division of Accounting Cooperations
회계법인 분할 및 분할합병 제도에 관한 소고
Law J. 2020;69:233-260.
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Effective Promotion Strategies of Joint Government Bargaining and Executive Branch Bargaining
정부공동교섭과 행정부교섭의 효율적 추진 방안
Law J. 2020;69:261-285.
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Overcoming Bilateralism through the Concept of International Community: On Obligation Erga Omnes
국제공동체 개념을 통한 국제법상 양자주의의 극복과 대세적 의무
Law J. 2020;69:287-316.
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The object of restricting of competition as a element of illegality
위법성 요건으로서 경쟁제한의 의도 내지 목적
Law J. 2020;69:317-342.
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Research on Legal Judgment Criteria on the Effect of Anti-Competitiveness caused by Big Data
빅데이터의 경쟁제한효과에 대한 법적 판단기준 연구
Law J. 2020;69:343-372.
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