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Law Journal. Vol. 80, 2023

Are the provisions punishing the act of HIV exposure and transmission unconstitutional?
HIV 전파매개행위를 처벌하는 조항이 위헌인가?
Law J. 2023;80:1-36.
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A Constitutional Study on the Utilization of Artificial Intelligence in the Social Security Area
사회보장 영역에서 인공지능 활용에 대한 헌법적 고찰
Law J. 2023;80:37-68.
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The U.S. Court’s new approach of Bivens Actions : Egbert v. Boule
헌법위반 손해배상소송에 관한 미국 연방대법원의 최근 판결례:Egbert v. Boule
Law J. 2023;80:69-91.
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Cooperation Strategy between Police and voluntary Crime Prevention Group for the Establishment of Community Security
안전한 지역사회 공동체 치안 구축을 위한 경찰-자율방범대 협력방안
Law J. 2023;80:93-125.
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Foreign tax credit system for cultural content business operator
문화콘텐츠 사업자의 외국납부세액공제제도 개선방안
Law J. 2023;80:127-155.
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The Effect of Release of One Debtor in the Quasi Joint and Several Obligation
부진정연대채무자 1인에 대한 면제의 효력
Law J. 2023;80:157-181.
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Problems and Improvement of Qualification System for Licensed Real Estate Agent from the Perspective of Occupational Freedom
직업의 자유 관점에서 바라본 공인중개사 자격제도의 문제점과 개선방안
Law J. 2023;80:183-225.
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A Study on the Possibility of Expanding the Scope of Opposing Power of Housing Junsekwonholder
주택 전세권자의 대항력 범위의 확장 가능성에 관한 고찰
Law J. 2023;80:227-261.
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Does Rousseau has a Natural Law Theory?
루소는 자연법 사상가인가?
Law J. 2023;80:263-291.
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‘Well-Founded Fear’ requirement under the Refugee Convention and the Criteria for the Child-Centered Perspective
난민협약상 난민 인정을 위한 ‘충분한 근거가 있는 공포’의 요건과 아동 중심관점의 기준
Law J. 2023;80:293-328.
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Implications for the Application of CISG with North Korea’s accession to the Convention
북한의 CISG 가입에 따른 그 적용상의 함의
Law J. 2023;80:329-350.
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The Recently-Settled Choice-of-Law Rule to Claims under the United States Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
미국 외국주권면제법 관련 소송의 준거법 선택규정
Law J. 2023;80:351-383.
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A Study on the Issues of Patent Law related to Artificial Intelligence
인공지능(AI) 관련 특허법상 쟁점에 관한 연구
Law J. 2023;80:385-427.
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A Study on the Liability of NFT Platforms as Online Service Providers under the Copyright Act
NFT 생성·거래 플랫폼의 OSP 저작권 침해 책임에 관한 연구
Law J. 2023;80:429-461.
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Utility and Limitations of 'standard' as a soft norm
연성규범으로서 ‘표준’의 효용과 운용상의 유의점
Law J. 2023;80:463-489.
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The acceptance procedure for the constitutional complaint of the German Constitutional Court
독일 헌법재판소 헌법소원의 사전심사 제도
Law J. 2023;80:491-530.
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