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Law Journal. Vol. 82, 2023

Populism and the Constitution
포퓰리즘과 헌법
Law J. 2023;82:1-34.
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A Study on the Improvement of Proportionality and Equity in the National Assembly Election System
국회의원 선거제도의 비례성·형평성 제고방안 연구
Law J. 2023;82:35-61.
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Effective protection of fundamental rights against automated decision-making
자동화된 의사결정에 대한 기본권의 실효적 보장
Law J. 2023;82:63-88.
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Review of Jurisprudence regarding Administrative Intermediate Disposition as Confirmatory Administrative Act
확인적 행정행위로서의 중간적 처분에 관한 법리의 재구성
Law J. 2023;82:89-121.
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Whether or not to allow simple merger with an order of judgment
순위를 붙인 단순병합 허용여부
Law J. 2023;82:123-149.
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Personality rights of an association without judicial personality
법인이 아닌 사단의 인격권
Law J. 2023;82:151-179.
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A Review of interpretive issues related to the Special Bodily Injury statute
특수상해죄와 관련된 해석상 쟁점 검토
Law J. 2023;82:181-205.
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Determination of standard criminal law for punishment of systemic crimes after unification
통일 이후 체제범죄 처벌을 위한 준거법 문제
Law J. 2023;82:207-232.
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Study on the Jurisprudential Basis for the Minimum Wage Differentials by Region
최저임금의 지역별 차등적용에 관한 법 이론적 검토
Law J. 2023;82:233-265.
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Key Contents and Issues of Han Feizi's Rule of Law Thought
한비자의 법과 법치(法治)사상의 핵심 내용과 쟁점
Law J. 2023;82:267-293.
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A study on the operational reality and improvement plan of the practical training system for those who have passed the bar exam under the Attorney Law
변호사법상 변호사시험 합격자 실무수습제도의 운영실태와 개선방안에 관한 연구
Law J. 2023;82:295-323.
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